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Setup Utility

January 31, 2011

Before I forget, I wanted to mention Inno Setup. Back in 2009, I wrote this post describing how I was using Wink as a sort of cut rate installer alternative. As I mentioned then, it was ugly, and a clearly inferior alternative to an actual installation utility. Since then, I found Inno Setup. Inno Setup is great. It’s actually easier to use it to create a real installer than it was to use my Wink-based workaround. All that’s necessary is to adapt the following script, which I used to create the installer for Forgotten Times:

; NOTE: The value of AppId uniquely identifies this application.
; Do not use the same AppId value in installers for other applications.
; (To generate a new GUID, click Tools | Generate GUID inside the IDE.)
AppName=Forgotten Times
;AppVerName=Forgotten Times 1.1
AppPublisher=Morriss, William S.
DefaultDirName={pf}\Forgotten Times
DefaultGroupName=Forgotten Times
SetupIconFile=C:\FT2\Forgotten Times\res\GameEngine.ico

Name: “english”; MessagesFile: “compiler:Default.isl”

Name: “desktopicon”; Description: “{cm:CreateDesktopIcon}”; GroupDescription: “{cm:AdditionalIcons}”; Flags: unchecked
Name: “quicklaunchicon”; Description: “{cm:CreateQuickLaunchIcon}”; GroupDescription: “{cm:AdditionalIcons}”; Flags: unchecked; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,6.1

; Set the source to your root directory
Source: “C:\FT\Forgotten Times\GameEngine.exe”; DestDir: “{app}”; Flags: ignoreversion
Source: “C:\FT\Forgotten Times\*”; DestDir: “{app}”; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs
; NOTE: Don’t use “Flags: ignoreversion” on any shared system files

; For these icons, to get them to work with your GameEngine.exe you must set ‘WorkingDir:’ to ‘{app}’ because it creates
; local files
Name: “{group}\Forgotten Times”; Filename: “{app}\GameEngine.exe”; WorkingDir: {app}
Name: “{group}\{cm:UninstallProgram,Forgotten Times}”; Filename: “{uninstallexe}”; WorkingDir: {app}
Name: “{commondesktop}\Forgotten Times”; Filename: “{app}\GameEngine.exe”; Tasks: desktopicon; WorkingDir: {app}
Name: “{userappdata}\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Forgotten Times”; Filename: “{app}\GameEngine.exe”; Tasks: quicklaunchicon; WorkingDir: {app}

Filename: “{app}\GameEngine.exe”; Description: “{cm:LaunchProgram,Forgotten Times}”; Flags: nowait postinstall skipifsilent

Eee Issues

January 31, 2011

At one point, I really loved my Eee. I had come to the conclusion that I needed good battery life more than I needed lots of processing power, and so the tradeoff in a netbook made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, my Eee, like the other portable computers I’ve had, didn’t prove equal to the rigors of actually being transported – after spending a year or two being transported in my backback, the screws holding its case together decided to come out. Even worse, after I replaced them, something went wrong with the connection between the battery and the processor. The Eee now works great when it’s plugged in, but turns off the moment you unplug it. The plus side is that this means the data I used to store on it isn’t lost. the minus side is that the specific reason I bought it, good battery life, is now gone. Obviously, this wasn’t good for my programming, since the main time I used to write code was on my bus ride to and from work.

However, all things come to an end, and my current hiatus is no exception. I got a shiny new laptop, and used to it pull together a good deal of the town of Ramu in Forgotten Times 2.