Fixing Forgotten Times

Maybe a month and a half ago, I decided to enter Forgotten Times in the Indie Game Challenge. I figured it would be a piece of cake. From what I had recalled, I finished the game seven or eight years ago back in law school. My thought was that I’d throw together an manual and an elevator speech (both required for the contest), put it all in an installer, and be done.

Obviously, that isn’t what happened.

Apparently, I didn’t actually finish it back in law school. I got it mostly finished back in law school. I’d say it was 98% finished. However, trying to squeeze out that last 2% reminded me of just how much work goes into these things.

Happily though, thanks in large part to my very patient wife who played through it 5-10 times as she found bugs and I fixed them, we worked out all the obvious kinks, made a couple of significant upgrades to the interface, and got it all done. Now, I just have to pull the rest of the submission package together and everything will be ready to ship well before the October 1 deadline.

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