A Stitch in Time…

Well, I finally completed (re)work on the Stick Game, and got it into a form where it can be distributed. The delay: memory leaks. Yeah, that post where I said the game didn’t have any was tragically, horribly, wrong. It turned out, that it just didn’t have any in the main control loop. It had all sorts of them hiding away elsewhere, and catching and killing them was a huge pain. The bottom line: unless you’re certain that you’ll never use a piece of code ever again, write it well the first time (or, at least, make sure you properly deallocate your memory). That way, you won’t be stuck with a weeks long project many years hence putting it into a shape where it can be distributed without blackening your name.

Anyway, at this point the first pass at content for the site is up. Next, I want to do some work on the interface, then test everything out, and it’ll be ready to go live.


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